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Long ago in a place no one can ever reach again. Lived a young child in a cozy straw hut. Now there was not anything really noteworthy with the child. The child woke early each morning ate with their mom and dad, then went to work on the fields with the occasions of running to the Echoing Bazaar to trade goods. This child however did have one thing they prized. Stories. Stories of valorous knights saving the princess, stories of places they never set foot on, and pictures of flowers never seen by their eyes. Every time the child went to the bazaar they would listen to the traveling bards & merchants. The child would listen for so long, they would get scolding from their parents for staying out past the light’s descent and having the meat they were supposed to bring back spoil. As time passed and the denizens of the Echoing Bazaar would soon consider the child as part of the bazaar. So each time the child would arrive a book would be given to the child. The first book however was blank, empty and plain. When the child questioned this, the people of the bazaar simply laughed and left the child with no answer. The child was angry of course. The child believed a blank book was pointless. No excitement to be held, no sorrow to grasp their being, no joy to feel for the characters when they achieved their ending. No stories to experience… So the Blank Book of Emptiness as the child dubbed it was soon lost the ocean that can barely be considered a trunk. Although the Blank Book itself can be considered the lowest point in the life of the child, they regardless kept coming back to the bazaar. The child was content.
Before anyone asks 
Yes. I indeed just took Fallen Londons previous name and added an 'ing' to it. What can I say? It's a good name. 

I wrote this when a bolt of inspiration hit me while I was in bed. I plan to continue this, because not gonna lie, since I kinda wanna wrap up some lingering plot fluids in my brain dam. Gonna add more words to this first though. Only 300 currently. Want it to be 444 exactly. 

Have a nice day darlings~ 

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December 13, 2016


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