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Someone give me a gun
What I did these past 4? No three...uhh. Alright I checked the calendar it's 5.
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My Life Story

June 15-19)
I went hiking! (w/ some classmates cause outward bound) And had my theory proved right. Which is "Someone always cries on a overnight trip." Sure one of those people was my girlfriend and I felt really bad, but she got over it and I no longer feel guilty (even though she wanted me to do it). Besides the other person was a chick I kinda was acquainted with, but she's kinda mean.  Anyway, I hiked like 40? I think... wait no it's 30 miles in five days. And it's no cake walk. Like at all. I have ran that distance and it was easy as shit. But hiking? Fuck that. I got 6 blisters and some back pain cause I had to carry the fucking dromedary. It's 5 gallons of water for fucking miles. Like fine I wear 8 pounds of weight on my legs, but water for an entire day and miles of walking cause other people can't keep the fuck up. Especially this one short Asian chick who needed help getting up like everywhere. Now I'm not against helping people. I sometimes do it too much. But that 5 inch climb does not require d me to pull you up. But the one time I didn't help her she fell. Not enough to bleed per say, but I felt guilty (again, surprise surprise) and just more or less carried her the entire way. Ain't I a fucking saint. Okay back to the crying. I don't cry. Like ever. Out of sadness. When I laugh too hard I get that occasional tear but thats about it. Frankly it confuses me how it works. So the reasons they cried was cause the fucking leaders wouldn't stop. For like anything. Now this is how the group did it. 6 girls (most were 6-8), 4 guys (2-5), 2 instructors, and our teacher. The instructors for the first 2 days did the work while teaching us. As we progress they do less and were do more ans everyday we were given jobs (cooks, leaders, point and... uh something (basically navigators), sweeps, and I forgot the last one) and  assholes got the leader job on the fourth day. One of the task they get is deciding when to break and one of them continually shot down our break times (there is a two minute where we just stop or one where out packs come off and we rest for 5 minutes). They both just made us going for the entire day. THE ENTIRE 10 MILES W/ ONE TWO MINUTE BREAK... THE FUCK.  Long story short. I put ivy in their red bags... I'm I joking? You'll never know. Oh way that reminds me. I'm unaffected by poison ivy. Neat huh? Anyway Sat. was the bbq there was burgers and dogs ( no ribs #sadface): And #dealwiththehashtagitsfunny). Good food considering.

June 22 - July 7

I went to my father's house in Pittsburgh and saw a mtg selling place near his nail salon*1I bought 7 packs.  Kruphix and Athereos. A temple of epiphany, two pull from the deep and a foil godhunter octopus. I could do without drawing ALL THE FUCKING ISLANDS but whatev's.

July 7- ongoing

House renovations! Yayyyyyyyyyy. Or it would be. If the previous contractors weren't fucking idiots. Okay So my father is a contractor ya know the people who build house and shit. So I help out. Remove carpeting, nails, sledgehammer stuff, cut out wall, remove cabinets, etc etc. The people who had the carpet put in had it wrong. When they put the nails in the carpet it wasn't evenly spaced. It was like Imma half ass this. And I found all sorts of shit under it. Contacts, pennies, a pencil, and a god damn hammer. Like how?!??!?!??! Then I carried some heavy ass cement boards. It was pleasant really. Alright the next part got blood so... read intensely. I stepped on a baseboard nail. It went thru my boots and stabbed my foot. Some blood then I got over it.

The Future

Alright I taken enough of your 'important' time. So make short as possible. Month 8 near end Philly back mother. Month 12 back dad permanent 11&12 + college.

_Stardate_11:41 PM_July_12_2014

_Eastern Time_05:00_UTC

-PsychoGuy21 Signing off

P.S. Good Night

*1 Located in hopewell plaza in aliquippa, pa. Zip 15001. Nails Hope. If you enter yell out PG21 and I'll respond by smacking you across the face and say/do one of the following
"This is a respectable business ma'am slash sir. Behave!"
Begin makeout session. Gender does not matter. I swing both.
"Hi. Welcome to Nails Hope. How may I help you?"
"Tits or gtfo." Again either opportunity genders.
"Holy shit. Someone actually did it."
At last but not least... We'll have a pleasant chat at a close by pizza place that has awesome wings. We'll hang out have fun, maybe play some mtg at the Keep and I might walk you to my house that is still in renovation.
Dun. Dun. Duuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn.
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